Monday, July 6, 2009

Wolf Attack

Based on conclusive evidence I have deduced that Sarah Palin is quitting the governor's office because she is not actually Sarah Palin but a look alike standin who is only there because the real Sarah Palin was attacked by a wolf. The stand in is quitting because she is obviously unqualified (unlike the actual Sarah Palin who so is) and wants to pass the role off to the Lt. Gov. I have deduced this using the following facts:

  • Sarah Palin lives in Alaska

  • Wolves also live in Alaska

  • Wolves sometimes attack humans like in Beauty and the Beast

  • I just saw the movie Dave and its a great movie

This theory pulls together a lot of loose ends... like the fact that wolves and Sarah Palin live in the same state. Fortunately for this reporter the Sarah Palin standin has a huge crush on me.

This is all true... I am a legit reporter...

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