Monday, July 6, 2009

Pursuing her true passion...

Sarah Palin has reportedly told me that she is quitting the Alaskan governorship in order to pursue her long awaited dream of constantly sleeping with me. This is true and comes from a primary source. Please see the transcript of my exclusive interview with Ms. Palin.

Dru Johnston: So, Sarah, it's nice for you to sit down with me here at The Year of the Blog to talk exclusively about why you're leaving the governor's mansion.
Sarah Palin: Of course, it's my pleasure, Dru.
DJ: So, there are rumors flying about why you're leaving.
SP: I know, it's caused quite the hulabaloo. But no one's covered the real reason.
DJ: And what might that be?
SP: Constantly sleeping with you.
DJ: Excuse me?
SP: It's true (begins undressing)
DJ: Ms. Palin, this is a classy interview.
SP: You know what the difference is between a pitbull and a hockey mom?
DJ: I don't know. What?
SP: The pitbull's not going to fuck you.

This is all true. None of this is fabricated. At all.

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